The Ethernet Communications Adapter (A22) plugs into the “Ethernet” port (P13), near the bottom-left of the Main Control Board.

To install an Ethernet Communications Adapter:

  1. Turn off (open) both AC Input (CB1) and DC Output (CB2) Circuit Breakers.
  2. Wait for charger voltage to ramp down (display will go blank and all LEDs will be off).
  3. Open the ATevo front panel door.
  4. Remove the ground connection from the lower-left corner of the Main Control PC Board (A1).
  5. Carefully disengage the Main Control Board from standoffs on the left side of the board.
  6. Locate the Ethernet Communications Adapter connection port (P13), near the bottom-left of the Main Control Board (A1).
  7. Carefully slide socket (P1) of the Ethernet Communications Adapter onto pins of connection port (P13) of the Main Control Board.
  8. Hold the Ethernet Communications Adapter (A22) at an angle to clear standoffs on the door.
  9. Once the Ethernet Communications Adapter socket is fully engaged on the Main Control Board header pins, line up the holes on the Ethernet Adapter (A22) with the plastic standoff pins.
  10. Press down on the Ethernet Communications Adapter (A22) and the Main Control Board (A1) to lock them onto the standoffs.
  11. Replace the ground connection on the bottom-left side of the Main Control Board.
  12. Close the ATevo front panel door.
  13. Turn on (close) the AC Input Breaker (CB1), then turn on (close) the DC Output Breaker (CB2).
  14. The Ethernet Communications Adapter hardware is now installed.
  15. Refer to Section 4.2 to assign protocol and set communications parameters (IP address, Netmask, Gateway, etc).
Last modified: 23 October 2023