The following table lists the Binary Input Status registers:

Modbus Binary Input Status Registers
Address Name/Description If Status is ‘ON’ (Logic ‘1’)
10001 High Voltage DC (HVDC) Alarm active
10002 Low Voltage DC (LVDC) Alarm active
10003 DC Output Failure Alarm active
10004 AC input Failure Alarm active
10005 Positive Ground Fault Alarm active
10006 Negative Ground Fault Alarm active
10007 Common Alarm Relay (CAR) Alarm active
10008 High Voltage DC (HVDC) Shutdown Active active
10009 Low Voltage AC (LVAC) Shutdown active
10010 Forced Load Sharing Enabled enabled
10011 Temperate Compensation (TempCo) Enabled enabled
10012 Defective Temperate Probe defective
10013 Equalize Mode (0 = float) equalize
10014 (not used) -
10015 (not used) -
10016 Auto-Equalize Timer enabled
10017 HVDC Shutdown Enabled enabled
10018 (not used) -
10019 High Ripple Alarm active
10020 End of Discharge Alarm active
10021 Rectifier Over Temperature Alarm active
10022 DC Breaker Status open
10023 External Voltage Sense Fail Alarm active
10024 Internal Voltage Sense Fail Alarm active
10025 DC Power Supply Alarm active
10026 Open DC Output Alarm active
10027 High Level Detect Alarm active
10028 Low Level Detect Alarm active
10029 Low AC Shutdown Alarm active
10030 Current Limit Status active
10031 High Level Detect Shutdown Status active
10032 Alarm Relay Failure active
10033 Rectifier Temperature Sense Failure active
10034 Display / UI Processor Failure active
10035 Battery Open Alarm active
10036 Loadshare Communication Failure active
10037 Loadshare Independent Mode active
10038 Loadshare Not Ready active
10039 Battery Discharging discharging
10040 Battery Overtemp => setpoint
10041 Vgnd Imbalance Warning => setpoint
10042 Vgnd Imbalance Critical => setpoint
10043 Positive Ground Fault Warning res to gnd <= setpoint
10044 Negative Ground Fault Warning res to gnd <= setpoint
10045 Dynamic Current Limit active
10046 Power Board EEROM Failure failed
10047 Main EEROM Failure failed
10048 Hardware Level Detect Digital Potentiometer Failure potentiometer failed
10049 Ambient Temperature Probe Failure probe failed
10050 Open AC Breaker tripped
10051 AC Meter Option Installed installed
10052 AC Supply (1PH or 3PH) three phase
10053 Low Priority Alarm active
10054 High Priority Alarm active
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Last modified: 25 October 2023