Base Fees
The new rates while we are participating in the CWELCC Program 2023 will be: (exclusive of extended care fees or any additional charges):
*Toddler Program *
5 days per week $697.00

5 days per week $646.00

Non base fees:
Registration processing fee: $75.00
The $75 registration fee will be charged upon receipt of the completed Registration Form, Credit Card Approval Form, and Extended Care Form, marking the successful initiation of your child’s enrolment process.

Extended care program -Registered: 5 days per week $50 per 30 minutes, per month
For parents not registered to our extended care program. $10 per 30 minutes. Minimum fee is $10.
Late Fee (starting January 1 2024): $20 late fee after close and $2.00 per minute
Lost access card replacement fee: $25.00

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Last modified: Nov 17, 2023