All medications given to your child must be accompanied by a Medication Authorization and Administration Form, please ask the staff for this form or obtain it from our website at Staff cannot administer medication unless it is prescribed by a doctor and must be in the original container with the child’s name, time, dosage, name of medication and doctor clearly labeled.

No over the counter medications (Tylenol, Advil, Motrin or Cough medication etc.), home remedies or homeopathic medication will be administered by any staff unless accompanied by written recommendation by the child’s doctor.
Below is the center’s Medication Policy:

Educara can administer needed medication to a child only if:
• A doctor signs off on the medication in the space provided for any non-prescription medicine.
• A parent or guardian provides signed, written permission by filling out a medication authorization form provided by the center.
• The medication is in its original container with the child’s name, dosage, name of the medication and the doctor’s name.

Medication is given only by Educara staff, and not by supply staff, students, or volunteers. Each time the medication is given it is logged and signed off on. This must be approved by the Supervisor.

The medication authorization form will be retained for a minimum period of three years.

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Last modified: Jan 24, 2020