The following factors are taken into consideration when placing children on Educara’s wait list.
• Date on which the completed application, including all requested information, is received.
• The requested month that child care would start
• The age a child would be when starting care at Educara
• Whether the application is for a single child or siblings
Parents should apply for the earliest start date that meets their needs and Educara’s eligibility criteria. Educara is not responsible for contacting parents or guardians for child care spaces that become available before the preferred start date.

If parents or guardians defer a space or request a change of start date, their position on the waitlist will be in accordance with their new start date. All deferments and start date changes must be done in writing and addressed to the school’s Supervisor or via email to Should a child care space not be available for the month requested, you will be contacted,in accordance with your place on the waitlist, as soon as a space becomes available.

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Last modified: Sep 15, 2023