Applicants can contact the Educara Supervisor by telephone (613-702-1116) or email ( ) to request their current status on the waitlist. All inquiries will be answered within 2 working days. The Supervisor will respond to the primary email address listed on the application form. At that time, the Supervisor will let the applicant know what number they currently hold on the waitlist for their requested start date. This number may change depending on withdrawals from the waitlist, other applicants changing their requested start dates, or if priority applicants join the waiting list.

The Ministry of Education mandates that applicants can request to have access to view a daycare’s waiting list that preserves anonymity of wait list applicants. Educara does not maintain a separate, anonymous wait list. If a request is made for a physical copy of the wait list, Educara will provide a redacted list within fourteen business days listing only the month of the start date and age group requested by the inquiring applicant.

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Last modified: Feb 05, 2020