2023 Rates in CWELCC
The new rates while we are participating in the CWELCC Program 2023 will be: (exclusive of extended care fees or any additional charges):
5 days per week $697.00
3 days per week $418.20
2 days per week $278.80

5 days per week $646.00
3 days per week $387.60
2 days per week $258.40

Extended Care:
5 days per week $50 per 30 minutes, per month
3 days per week $30 per 30 minutes, per month
2 days per week $20 per 30 minutes, per month

Original Notification to parents:
We have been eagerly awaiting the details of the CWELCC (the Canada Child Care Program). Our understanding is that approximatly 80% of eligible childcare centers have joined the program, with around 20% opting out. In the interest of transparency, due to a lack of clarity we have some serious concerns with how the program will be implemented in the years following 2023 and around childcare centers ability to raise costs to keep up with continuing inflation, while continuing to provide you and your children with the level of education and care you have come to expect from all of us here at Educara.

We understand the importance of this plan for our families, and the significance of the savings, and it is with this in mind that we will be moving forward with the program.

What this means for you is:

  • Starting Nov 01, we will reduce your rates
  • Once we have received the funding, we will rebate/refund you the appropriate amounts for such savings back to Apr 01, 2022
  • We will institute our previously noted and annually occurring cost adjustment/rate increase dated to Sep 01, 2022 of 3% (as per previous years)


  • You will see a 25% rebate on base fees (note: excluding extended care and excluding one-time charges) from Apr 01 to Aug 01
  • You will see a slightly less than 25% rebate on September 2022 and October 2022 fees as the rate increase was not applied in September and October while in the application process.
  • You will see the rates you pay Nov 01 onward reduced 25% from the current rate.
    All currently registered families at Educara were notified via email October 27, 2022.
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Last modified: Feb 07, 2023