The Birthday Book Club is a program that celebrates children’s birthdays, enables their peers to share their special day, and contributes to the classroom’s library of storytime books.

We offer parents the option to donate an age-appropriate book to honor your child’s birthday. The school will prepare and include a book plate on the inside cover citing your child’s name and birth date to acknowledge the donation. The book is then placed in our classroom library. Every time the book is read during storytime, the citation is read before beginning the story as recognition of the child’s contribution.
It has been our experience that the Birthday Book Club encourages children’s interest in books and stories while promoting pride and self-esteem.

Participation in the Birthday Book Club is strictly voluntary.
In keeping with the Montessori philosophy, the book’s illustrations should depict realistic themes. Please avoid cartoon, T.V., and super-hero characters.

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Last modified: Aug 12, 2019