Parents must notify the school of their child’s allergies or medical conditions. If anaphylactic, an Epipen is required.


We ask that no peanut or any other nut products be brought to school. Each classroom maintains a schoolwide list of students with allergies. If a student has an allergy requiring an Epipen a form and photograph of the student are displayed in the classroom and the staff room.

In order to minimize the chance of any anaphylaxis allergy foods being brought in, outside foods are not permitted to enter the daycare. We will make exceptions for food items being brought in for a special holidays/celebrations or birthdays. If you are bringing in any outside food for a celebration or birthday please ensure you have notified the supervisor or lead teacher in the room in writing, provide a full ingredient list and have the most recent list of allergies to avoid.

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Last modified: Mar 07, 2022