Throughout the year, the children may be provided an opportunity go on field trips to various local points of interest and festivities. A notice and authorization form containing pertinent information will be sent home with your child at least a week in advance of the trip. Depending on the field trip, fees may apply. Transportation will be provided by Educara.

Outings are an opportunity for children to explore the school’s neighborhood and enga1ge in activities off the school premises (E.g. the garden next to the playground, neighborhood walks or trips to neighborhood parks, etc.) During initial enrolment, parents are requested to complete a form that provides the school with signed parental consent and authorization for outings. It’s important to note that on days were Educara has a scheduled field trip, all our teachers will be accompanying the students to maintain the required teacher-to-student ratios and ensure a safe and enjoyable outing. If your child is not attending the field trip, we kindly request that you keep them at home on that day, as our teachers will not be available at the center.

Educara reserves the right to cancel field trips and outings without notice – any related fees will be refunded.

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Last modified: Sep 15, 2023