Loading Excel product data into CadConnect

You have a new file generated by the CAD system saved on a disk drive and folder location, and now wants to have this imported into CadConnect.

Start the program and select New in the CadConnect – List screen. This will take you to the CadConnect work display.

The list screen is the entry point for working with constructions. Adding a New construction construction will create a record for later reference.

Work with Excel files in CadConnect

Assign a new CadConnect number by pressing the return key in the No. field.

Press the wanted menu ribbon button – Import file or Copy from existing

If “Import file” has been chosen, a new screen shows up where you must select a file and a sheet, and do the mapping to the fields in the file by assigning the column number.

Also you must tell the number of the first row with product data, and you must decide upon if the first row line will be a new end-item, or you will create this yourself. Setting up these columns-definitions and other import parameters will be saved in a user setup, so that next time you only need to select the new file and sheet for import. Saving the values per user wil allow individual users to import files from different sources with different layouts without having to change the setup each time.

If Copy from existing has been chosen a new screen shows to define the data pick up from BC. You must specify what Item you will copy and which data you want to copy.


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