Using Item Attributes

General Idea is to be able to extend items created through CadConnect with values for different existing item Attributes.

Setup is made from the CadConnect Setup page:

You can set up until 80 different Attributes. Purpose of the Setup is to map Imported values with a specific BC Attribute.
You must supply CadConnect Attribut number with a sequential number starting with 1. Then you select the BC attribute number you want in CadConnet and the name of that attribute is shown automatically.

If you have Attributes, that will be used on all CadConnect constructions, you can mark these as “Default Attribute”.
Attributes with this mark will then be created automatically on each new CadConnect construction, and you will then only need to fill in the Attribute values.

As additional setup you can select to show the attributes on the CadConnect Lines.

This is for allowing you to modify the imported values or add new values on lines you create.
As default the Attributes are shown in a FactBox.

Finally you can setup whether existing attributes shall be updated on existing items, when the Creation is run from CadConnect

When you run the Import, you will be presented a new section with new fields according to the set-up attributes and you can specify where in the File your attribute values are:


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