Using CadConnect with version control

CadConnect supports version control on Bill of materials and routings as known in standard BC.
On top of this Item versioning has been added to the CadConnect application.
Thus the application offers full item product versioning to be used throughout the entire BC-application.

When importing excel files a version number can be supplied from that file.

A few rules manges the use of versions:

  • When importing an excel file into CadConnect, and this excel file contains a version number, the version number will be visible in the CadConnect header screen.
  • If you create a product manually, you can assign a version number to the bill of material and or the routing
  • When copying a product from BC, please bear in mind that it will be the active version (bill of material and routing) that will be copied.
  • If you want to apply an effective date (version starting date) this can be selected
  • If you want to add a specific routing version, this must be done by assigning a version number to the routing header item in the line section of the CadConnect screen.
    In addition CadConnect searches for information / referance the previos version no. and if it is different from the newly imported version no. the new version no. will be marked in red.
    The previous version is for production BOM items defined as the current active version in BC.
    For purchased items, CadConnect looks in the CadConnect version registry for the latest version no.


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