Using other tooltips – Renumber, Delete a.o.

Insert – Click here to read about the “Using the Insert menu function”

Modelling – Click here to read about the “Modelling menu function”

Renumber Lines
When adding several lines in between existing lines you might get stuck in standard BC record handling limitations. Pressing the “Renumber” button will resequence all lines and you can continue.

Pressing “Delete” is a line delete function including deleting all lines attached to this line, and intended lines below.
You will be notified if this is what you want to do.

At a line you will be able to add or edit line comments no matter the line type.

At a line pressing the “Where-used” will show the standard BC where-used display to see single where-used or end-item where used relations.

Pressing this button will display the standard BC BOM structure.

Gives access to a page showing the dimensions values, that have been imported for the item line and alter these values before creating the items in BC.


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