Simulate cost calculation when working on a construction.

During working with a construction, it is possible to simulate on cost calculation as the work progresses.
Please note: These calculation simulations are nothing but simulations. The simulated values can be exported through the standard CadConnect function “Export to Excel”, but the values will not be transferred to BC.
In the CadConnect Header you can see the following cost simulation fields, if you have selected the “Show more”-option:

Values in these fields are calculated by summing up simulation values from the lines.
In the CadConnect Lines you see the following cost simulation fields:

The “Simulated” fields can be altered completely free.
Whenever you want to see the consequences of your simulation, you select the simulation function by pressing the Actions, Simulation button and the total-values will be calculated.

If you for some reason want to go back and redo everything, you can press the Actions, Reset Simulation button. As a consequence, all existing items will be updated with Unit Cost from the Item card, all operations will be updated with unit cost from the used Work Centre / Machine Centre and all new items will be updated with unit cost from the same CadConnect line.


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