Using Advanced templates

If you are using standard templates, you can setup 4 different templates.
One for each of the following item types:

  • End-item (CadConnect header item)
  • Produced item (CadConnect line item, for items with a prod.BOM)
  • Purchased items (CadConnect line item, for items withhout a BOM, that is lowest level items)
  • Assembly items (CadConnect line item, for items with an assembly BOM)

If this seems insufficient, you have the possibility to select the advance templates function in CadConnect Setup.

General Idea is to set up combinations of up to 3 different values (Groups), which in combination points at a specific Item Template. The Groups can express whatever needed for specifying a Template.

Setup is made from the menu or from the CadConnect Setup page:

When Advanced Templates has been selected, a few changes appears in the CadConnect System.
The Import function now lets you specify where in your files the Template Groups are located

The CadConnect Lines shows which Template Groups have been imported. You can change these values on the individual lines.

When Items are created then Template Groups on the Lines, if filled in, are used to lookup what Item Template to use.


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