This table contains transfer data for undergraduate students enrolled at a university by term and institution attended. Terms include Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters. Institutions include any two-year or four-year institutions your students attended before or after they attended your institution.

Only students officially enrolled at a university on 21st day are included. However, data for this table may be extracted after 21st day.

Transfer data on a community college student will be captured in this table ONLY if a transcript was submitted to a university. (If you join the UV ENROLLMENT table to the CC ENROLLMENT table, you may find students with no record in the UV table because the university did not receive a transcript.)

What is the key (unique identifier for a row) for this table?

Unique records are determined by Semester, Arizona Unitid, ASSIST Student ID, and UV Transfer Institution Code. In other words, there is one record per semester per university per student per transfer institution.

Why would you use this table?

If you are a community college, you would want to use this table to determine how many of your students transferred to a university after attending your institution and how many hours they transferred. It will also indicate how many other transfer institutions your students attended within or outside of Arizona

If you are a university, you would want to use this table to identify each community college or university your transfer students previously attended and the number of hours transferred from each institution.

Notes on using this table:

(1) In this table, Arizona Unitid refers ONLY to universities.

(2) If you are a community college, you will need to limit UV Transfer Institution Code to your institution to select only those students who attended your institution PRIOR to attending a university.

Download UV Undergraduate Transfer Institution Table Data Elements and Definitions