What is the CC_PLACEMENT Table?

This table contains data on course placement tests taken by many community college students (typically prior to enrolling in their first English, math and/or reading course) by semester and institution attended. Terms include Fall, Spring, Summer, Short Term, and Open Entry/Open Exit. Institutions include all Arizona community colleges that your students have attended before or after they attended your institution.

What is the key (unique identifier for a row) for this table?

Unique records are determined by Semester, Arizona Unitid, and ASSIST Student ID. In other words, there is one record per student per community college per semester.

Why would you use this table?

If you are a community college, you would want to use this table to examine the course placement test scores by type of exam of your students who enrolled at the community college level.

Notes on using this table:

(1) In this table, Arizona Unitid refers ONLY to community colleges.
(2) The data elements in this table are NOT required fields for all institutions. A number of values, such as placement test names, are institutionally defined. Consequently, usefulness may be limited to the institution submitting the data.
(3) In this table, all the course placement data (Test Name, Test Score, Score Type Code, and Test Date) reflects the most recent OR highest score achieved for the placement test in that particular subject area (writing, reading or math). Institutions often permit retesting within certain time periods and typically take the highest score achieved. Not all students are required to take each subject placement exam.
(4) The Semester and Academic Year fields in this table refer to the terms of enrollment not the period of the placement test. Therefore, there will be a separate record for each term of enrollment for a particular student containing the identical course placement data for a given academic year. If a student does not retake a particular placement test AND obtain a higher score, or never takes a course placement test in another subject area in a subsequent academic year, the placement data will not change for the subsequent enrollment periods.

Download CC_PLACEMENT Data Elements and Definitions