What is the CC_CERTIFICATE Table?

This table is a specialized view table of CC_DEGREE. It contains data for certificate recipients from community colleges in Arizona by term and college where the certificate was received. Terms include Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

What is the key (unique identifier for a row) for this table?

Unique records are determined by Semester, Arizona Unitid, ASSIST Student ID, Certificate Code, and Certificate Date. In other words, there is one record per certificate, per certificate date, per student per semester per community college.

Why would you use this table?

If you are a community college, you could join this table with the UV ENROLLMENT table on the ASSIST Student ID field. Then put a limit on the CC CERTIFICATE table’s Arizona Unitid of your institution’s code and a minimum function on the UV ENROLLMENT table’s Semester field to get the first semester a student attended a university after receiving a certificate at your institution.

Notes on using this table:

(1) In this table, Arizona Unitid refers ONLY to community colleges.
(2) In this table, Semester refers ONLY to Fall, Spring, and Summer.
(3) Students may NOT be officially enrolled during the semester a certificate is awarded.
(4) Students may be awarded MORE than one certificate during a semester.
(5) Students may be awarded more than one certificate with the SAME CIP code.

Download CC_CERTIFICATE Data Elements & Definitions