What is the CC_FINANCIAL_AID Table?

This table contains data on financial aid received by community college students by semester and institution attended. Terms may include Fall, Spring, Summer, Short Term, and Open Entry/Open Exit. Institutions may include all Arizona community colleges that your students have attended and received financial aid before or after they attended your institution.

What is the key (unique identifier for a row) for this table?

Unique records are determined by Semester, Arizona Unitid, and ASSIST Student ID. In other words, there is one record per student who received financial aid per community college per semester.

Why would you use this table?

If you are a community college, you would want to use this table to examine the type of financial aid your students received when enrolled at the community college level.

Notes on using this table:

(1) In this table, Arizona Unitid refers ONLY to community colleges.

(2) The data elements in this table are NOT required fields. In using data from this table, you need to examine if and how the institution reports financial aid data. Financial aid data is not available for all terms from all institutions. Consequently, usefulness may be limited to the institution submitting the data.

Download CC_FINANCIAL_AID Data Elements and Definitions