Secure Upload of ASSIST Related Data:
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Community College File Layouts Target Due Date Related Reports
CC 2021-22 Degree File
Nov 16, 2022 New Transfers’ Academic Preparation
AZTransfer KPIs
CC 2021-22 Annual File
Jan 25, 2023 New-To-Higher Ed Cohort
CC 2021-22 Course File
Feb 8, 2023 Dual Enrollment Feedback
Course Benchmark
University File Layouts Target Due Date Related Reports
UV Summer 2022
File 1File 2File 3
File 4File 5File 6
Oct 5, 2022 NCCBP First Year Performance
NTR Graduation Rate
UV Fall 2022 21-Day
File 1File 4
Nov 23, 2022 No Reports
UV Fall 2022 End-of-Semester
File 2File 3File 5File 6File 7
Feb 8, 2023 Four-Year SRK Grad Rate
Bachelor Recipients
Bach Recip w/ AZCC credits
ATF Degrees
UV Spring 2023 21-Day
File 1File 4
May 10, 2023 New Transfers
New Freshman w/ AZCC Credits
Reverse Transfer Study
UV Spring 2023 End-of-Semester
File 2File 3File 5File 6
Jul 5, 2023 Junior Year GPA
New-To-Higher Ed Transfer Rate

Updated July 2022