The maps in our app contain millions of Places (also called POI – Points of Interest), among them restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions, and many more.

You have two options when looking for Places:

  1. Searching for specific Places by name
  2. Browsing nearby Places (places close to your current location, or location you select on the map)

Searching by name

You can search for Places exactly the same way as you would search for an address. Just type it into the search bar, look through the results that Search finds and tap on the one you want. For more details, please refer to Searching for an address.

Searching for nearby Places

To look for nearby Places (POI), start again by tapping on the Search bar at the top of the screen. A panel with the most common Place categories (tourist attractions, eating & drinking, petrol stations, parking) is located right under the search bar. Either choose from the displayed category icons, or tap on the three dots to open a list of all available categories.

After selecting a specific category, a map will open with Place markers being shown in a limited area around your current position. Choose one on the map, or select from the list at the bottom of the screen (you can expand the list by dragging it with your finger from the bottom upwards). When you select a place as your destination, tap on Get directions at the bottom of the screen to continue.

To browse Places around a different location, other than your current position. Simply tap on any spot on the map and then tap on the blue marker which appeared there to open the location detail options. There, select the Explore nearby places option and then choose the POI category.


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