If you have GPS coordinates of the location you would like to navigate to, tap on the Search bar on the top of the screen and enter the coordinates there.

The GPS coordinates can be written in different formats:

1. GPS coordinates in format Degrees, Minutes, Seconds, for example N 48°08′35″ E 17°07′50″

you can type it directly into the Search bar, but instead of using the Degrees, Minutes and Seconds symbols, just use empty spaces like so:

N48 8 35 E17 7 50

The search engine will provide the result, if it’s a street or city it will display their name. Choose the result by tapping on it and press the Get directions button to view the route.

2. GPS coordinates in Degrees and decimal minutes, for example N48° 8.583′ E17° 7.833′

Same as above in point 1, you can type it directly into the Search bar, but instead of using the Degrees and Minutes symbols, just use empty spaces:

N48 8.583 E17 7.833

3. GPS coordinates in Decimal degrees, for example 48.146718, 17.132678

Just type in the coordinates the same way, separating the longitude and latitude with a comma or space:

48.146718 17.132678

Letters are not used to indicate North/South/West/East in this format. Instead, a positive number means North or East by default. For South or West coordinates, you would enter a minus sign “-” to make the number negative.


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