First of all, we’re sorry that you experience this kind of behavior in the app. Please try to follow these troubleshooting steps, that help in resolving situations like this.

1. First and foremost, make sure, that your device meets the requirements.
2. Try turning your device off and on again. This is to ensure that the crash is not caused by some random or minor system error.
3. If the app stops responding or you experience this behavior again, try force stopping the app and clearing the cache of the app via your device’s settings → Applications → Sygic.
4. In the event that the issue persists and you are able to launch the app and access its menu > Settings, scroll all the way to down and press “Reset to defaults”. Turn the app off and on again.
5. If your device supports the option and you are using the app on an SD card, then please try moving the app to your device’s internal memory. This can be done in the app’s menu > Settings > Data Storage. If the issue occurs only if the app is installed on that particular SD card, then it is likely a fault on that card – you might want to consider replacing it for a different one.
6. As the last resort, please consider reinstalling the app. Remove/delete it from your device and then install it again from Google Play Store.


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