• Shut down and lock out all power to ATevo.
  • Remove optional user wiring from various printed circuit board (A1, A2, A4, etc.) terminals (TB#).

Removal of Existing Main Control Board:

  • Remove ribbon cable lower-right edge of Main Control Board (A1). Board is mounted on four (4) plastic standoffs and one (1) metal ground stud.
  • Remove nut from grounding stud on lower-left corner of board.
  • Compress tab on each standoff, and pull board toward you until it clears all standoffs.

Installation of New Main Control Board:

  • Insert replacement board onto instrument panel with same orientation, and push it onto standoffs. Confirm board is fully seated on all four (4) standoffs.
  • Install nut onto grounding stud at lower-left corner of board.
  • Reconnect ribbon cable at lower-right edge.
  • Replace user wiring to various Main Control Board terminals.
  • Restart the ATevo.
Last modified: 2 August 2023

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