Battery manufacturers specify recommended float and equalize voltages at 25 °C (77 °F) for their product. Temperatures above or below the nominal 25 °C require a slightly lower or higher voltages (respectively), in order to prolong battery life and ensure reliable operation. The ATevo Battery Temperature Compensation (or TempCo) option automatically adjusts the charger’s dc output voltage, based upon battery temperature. In addition to the voltage compensation feature, the battery probe also allows ATevo to provide battery temperature monitoring, and a battery over-temp alarm.

The ATevo TempCo option (ordering p/n EJ5304-##) consists of a bagged kit, including a Battery Temperature Probe (A10), and a signal cable to connect the probe to the ATevo. The A10 probe contains a temperature-dependent resistor in an epoxy module, that is installed on (or near) the battery. The TempCo option can be purchased with ATevo, or field installed later.

The bagged TempCo accessory also contains a separate user Installation & Operating Instructions (p/n JA5015-51). An abbreviated version of that text is listed in the following sections.

Last modified: 3 August 2023

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