The Evo charger always had the user configurable “Common Alarm”. New alarms named “High Priority Alarm” and “Low Priority Alarm” are now available to a user who wishes to further customize alarm priority. These alarms can be configured to close a relay on an AUX I/O and are also readable over SCADA. Configuration is enhanced to accommodate selecting the triggers for these new alarms in the same menu that the common alarm is configured.

Firmware prior to v2.7.0 navigated directly to common alarm configuration. Firmware v2.7.0 now navigates to a menu that allows a user to select one of the three “aggregate” alarms to configure. The lower right display shown is typical when “Common Alarm” has been selected. “High Priority Alarm” and “Low Priority Alarm” displays are similar. Also new in v2.7.0 is that alarms are listed in alphabetical order. In addition, alarm types that depend on optional hardware are only displayed if the respective option is installed. Examples are “Battery overtemp” and “Battery temp probe fail”; these are visible only if a battery temperature probe is installed and enabled.

For more information about how to upgrade firmware, see either Section 6.5.4 or 6.5.5, depending on the ATevo product you purchased:

Last modified: 3 August 2023

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