The four (4) Analog Inputs are rated for 0-10 Vdc. They utilize a common ground, referenced to DC OUTPUT NEG, and can be used to import generic analog values. ATevo assigns each Analog Input a unique generic name such as ‘AUX 1 input AN1’. This name can be changed to be readily identifable by the end user (e.g. ‘Ambient Temp’). ATevo will report all status and alarms with the default name or the custom name assigned.

The Analog Inputs include scaling configuration such that ATevo can report their values in primary units. For example, a temperature transducer with a 0 to 10 Vdc output can be configured to scale the voltage value directly to the associated temperature represented by the dc voltage. The associated ‘units’ name can also be configured such that when the Analog Input value is displayed, it will display as ‘80.3 F’ instead of ‘6.2 Vdc’.

Each Analog Input can be configured to generate alarms based on its value. Available trigger conditions to generate an alarm include below a threshold, above a threshold, within a range, or outside a range. Threshold and range values are configurable, and are entered in the primary units (such as °F) based on scaling configuration.

Last modified: 1 August 2023

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