Manufacturer’s Technical Documents

  • JF5061-00 ATevo Battery Charge Product Sample Specification
  • JF5054-00 ATevo Battery Charger Sales Brochure / Cut Sheet
  • JF5072-01 ATevo 1PH AC Input Current / Circuit Breaker Values
  • JF5001-00 ATevo Battery Charger Standard Product Warranty

Operating & Service Instruction Manuals

Supplemental / Option Instructions

  • JA0102-54 ATevo Communications (for SCADA systems)
  • JA5015-51 ATevo Temperature Compensation
  • JA5054-50 ATevo Forced Load Sharing (parallel operation)
  • JA5124-03 ATevo AC Input Metering Module
  • JA5124-07 ATevo Battery Shunt (charge / discharge meter & alarm)
  • JA5124-08 ATevo Dynamic Current Limit
  • JA5124-09 ATevo Everything To Know About Grounding
  • JA5136-00 ATevo HindleHealth+ (smart battery shunt)

Service Instructions / Application Notes (more online)

  • JC5020-51 ATevo Quick Setup Sheet
  • JD0064-51 ATevo Startup Procedure
  • JD5011-00 AT External Relay Free-Wheeling Diode Application Note
  • JD5032-00 Ground Fault Detection In The Real World
Last modified: 3 August 2023

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