Welcome to the BaseHead 5.x Online Manual!
You should read this entire first page before getting started to avoid problems.


10,8 or 7
(with the Microsoft .NET4.6 Framework installed)

macOS 10.8 or Higher

Download the latest version 5.x from the Downloads Page

We have a ton of licensing options to choose from in version 5.x
See the new Licensing Options Page for all the ways to authorize BaseHead now.

Using this Manual:
Important! This manual is used for both PC and Mac versions of BaseHead now.
So when you see (Ctrl+X) as a key command it’s most likely (Command+X) for Mac if not documented.
To be honest…most all features are documented with Tool Tips inside the program.
So just hover over buttons to learn what their functions are if you are like me and hate to read….8)

Also….If you don’t see a listed feature in your current platform then it’s probably not coded in yet and coming soon.
We try and keep both versions as close as possible when possible, but some things are not needed or impossible to do on one platform or another.

Got it?? Good! let’s move on then…..

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