You can exchange instant messages between Dispatch and the drivers. To do this, click on the Messages button at the top of the Dispatch screen, which will bring up the Messages window. In the first tab, Chat, you can send two types of messages, namely Preset messages (instantly send with one click) and Custom messages (writing your own message).

The messages can be sent to:

  • Drivers: All drivers but not other dispatchers.
  • Dispatch: All dispatchers but not drivers.
  • All: Both drivers and dispatchers.
  • Individual drivers.

Using the priority system.

On the bottom right of the message window you will see the Prio setting. This will determine the importance of the messages that are sent out.

Prio 0: Is the lowest priority. Will send the message and generate a small visual notification in the Driver App but will not make any sound or create any pop ups.
Prio 1: Will generate a small visual notification and make an alert sound upon receiving the message in the Driver app.
Prio 2, 3, 4: Highest priority. It will generate a pop up in the Driver app along with an alert sound.

Sending Yes/No questions.

The system will interpret any message that ends with a question mark (?) as a Yes/No question upon reception. You will be able to see who answered Yes or No.

Once the question is sent, the driver will see the following:

Set a log in message for drivers

You can set a message that the drivers will see as soon as they log in. To do this, click on the Static Messages tab, and the Edit button at the bottom of the panel.

Write your login message and click on Update.

Schedule a message

Use the third tab “Schedule Message” to set a message to be sent at a specific date. You can even have it repeating and configure how often (recurring message). As usual, you can determine which users to send it to (drivers, dispatchers or both), and select the priority level.