The rest of the left-hand section will allow you to specify information about a new job, or edit a job that has already been created. The buttons at the bottom of this section will also allow you to check or book a job.


Name: Name of the passenger

Phone: Passenger’s phone number

Account ID: This account ID will auto-populate if the customer’s account has been created here:

Payment methods: This section is to add any e-tickets that may have been created for this customer account or to establish if it has already been paid for.

Job info

Passenger icon: Number of passengers that will be on the trip. Some vehicles could have a limit on the number of passengers depending on the information you have added to the system.

Luggage icon: The amount of luggage required for the trip. A vehicle could have a limit on the amount of luggage onboard.

Wheelchair icon: This is the number of wheelchairs required for this job.

Info all: Message to everyone that sees the job (including dispatchers)

Info (driver): Message intended for drivers only.


Assign to: Here you can determine who this job will be assigned to or leave it on automatic so that the system chooses from the vehicles that are available and it will distribute the job according to your assignment settings found here:

Company: Here you can choose which company will provide the ride (this is useful when you have multiple companies in the system)

Tariff: Here you can also choose the tariff (fare) if you have multiple fares for different jobs. This can also be used to add a custom tariff for a specific job.

Duration: Here you have the choice to add the duration of the ride or leave it to be calculated according to the system’s estimation.

Priority: You can add the level of priority of a job, level 5 being the highest priority and 1 the lowest.

Tags Tags can be used to add additional requirements not already selected in the settings above. For example, if the passenger requests a vehicle that allows pets, this can be selected as an additional requirement by selecting the tickbox.

Flight and Room #: This is the flight or room number of the passenger, just so that the driver has access to this information to locate the passenger if needed.