MirrorLink Connectivity makes driving safer, easier and more enjoyable. It allows you to use Sygic on your car’s screen.

Sygic GPS Navigation of version 18.2 or higher is required for this feature to be available to you. Also, please note that the feature will work only in Europe (please refer to the product description in the store).

Connect any MirrorLink-enabled smartphone to any MirrorLink-enabled car and take advantage of easier and more responsible access to navigation while you drive.
After making a cable connection, you can use Sygic with ease via the infotainment system, in a format designed for use while driving, so you can interact with the app comfortably.
The app will run on the smartphone, but you will see it on the display of your car and hear the audio via the car’s speakers. Also, please note that this feature is a paid add-on service, the use of premium features via MirrorLink or other car connectivity channels is subject to additional licensing with our map data provider.

How to use Sygic with MirrorLink

NOTICE: In May 2020 Samsung made an announcement, stating that they will be dropping support for MirrorLink connectivity on June 1st, 2020. Unfortunately, this means that even Samsung phones which worked with MirrorLink previously, will lose this functionality. There is nothing that we, or other developers of MirrorLink compatible apps, can do to influence this or to return this functionality to Samsung devices. If you wish to contact them about it, here is a link to Samsung’s support page: samsung.com/uk/support/contact

In order to connect your phone to your car via Mirrorlink, please check the following:

  1. Make sure your car supports Mirrorlink 1.1.
  2. Make sure your phone supports Mirrorlink 1.1
  3. If your devices don’t appear on any of the lists above, you may want to consider contacting your device/vehicle manufacturer and ask them directly whether it is compatible. Not all devices are listed on those pages, since manufacturer sometimes choose not to display their products on different websites.
  4. Unlock your phone (in case it is protected by password or fingerprint). Connecting with your car might not work right if the phone screen is locked.
  5. Plug your phone into the USB port in your car
  6. Screen of the phone will turn black, continue on your car’s screen
  7. Do not place your phone into too remote or closed off storage compartments
  8. Launch the connectivity option – the way of initiating connection might differ based on your infotainment system, please refer to your system’s manual
    Most common setup:
    8.1. Press/Tap the “Apps” button on your car’s screen ( can also be a physical button).
    8.2. Scroll through the options/apps and choose SmartLink
    8.3. In case the phone is not connected automatically, choose it from the list of devices.
  9. If asked, choose “Mirrorlink”, not “Android Auto” option. (In case the phone is not connected automatically, choose it from the list of devices)
  10. Choose Sygic from the the list of apps.
  11. You are ready to choose your destination.
  12. Alternatively, you can also start Sygic on your phone prior to the connection with your car. When the app is already running (you might even set up a route), plug the phone into your car and Sygic will be automatically projected to the car’s screen, if all necessary permissions have been granted.

Important notice

Mirrorlink requires safety certificates to be updated ever month. Therefore, at least once per month, you need an active internet connection on your phone. The update is handled automatically by your system.
In order for Sygic to work properly, your phone needs to have a good reception of GPS signal. Make sure you are in open space, outsides garages and tunnels. Also, do not place your phone into too remote storage compartments, this could hinder the signal reception as well. Click here for more info about how to handle GPS signal problems.

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