The home screen presents the most viable information for the user.

The top row on all screens, not just the home screen, includes most used buttons in the app:

  • Menu button – present on almost all screens in the app. It will open the main menu from the side.
  • Title of the current page
  • Pump icon (if you’re on insulin pump medication) – this icon will open your basal rate settings and let you choose from your predefined presets
  • Reminders icon – lets you manage your reminders

Next is the row with current statistics and 7 days trend (if you click on this row the app will take you to the charts screen):

  • The first statistic shows you the last glucose check and the category. It is colored in different colors depending on the value.
  • The next pie chart (outer circle) shows the last 7 days trend with your average glucose levels, colored according to the low/normal/high glucose level targets.
  • The inner circle of the pie chart shows the estimated HbA1c according to the average logged glucose levels trough the last 3 months
  • The next circle shows your current active insulin (if you’re on insulin/pump treatment)

If you have enabled CGM features like sensor scan, an additional graph will appear under the latest data stats. Check out more about this graph here:

Next is the warnings row. It shows you warnings if your current condition is not very good. You can click over the warning to see more information and more warnings. Check out the possible warnings below, under the statistics section.

Next row gives you quick access to the most used functions of the app – New entry button, Logbook and Bolus Advisor

Next row leads you to the statistics screen with detailed statistics for the last few days/months.

In the end of this screen are latest and most important statistics:

  • Carbohydrates, calories today
  • Last insulin injections
  • Last HbA1c test
  • Last cholesterol, blood pressure checks
  • Last medications taken

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