Mounting Considerations

EZ-Qube module must be mounted with its long side parallel to the conveyor frame and with its heat sink plate in contact with the conveyor frame. Attach module to frame using fasteners through the 2 mounting holes on the module through matching holes drilled into conveyor frame.

Other mounting and installation requirements:

• Metal Heat Sink surface must face the conveyor frame and Heat Sink must not be accessible by any personnel without removing the module from the frame
• Module must be mounted on electrically grounded metal surface or provided with a conductor wire connecting the module’s metal heat sink plate to electrical ground.
• Module must be mounted in such a way such that there are no interferences with an operator’s ability to remove or unplug the power, motor, and control signal connectors.
• Module should be mounted in such a way and location such that any personnel can easily retreat away from the module in the event of a device failure
• Module must be mounted such that it can be accessed by personnel of any height