When CONFIG DIP Switch 8 is ON, then the deceleration ramp is equal to twice (2X) the acceleration ramps.

The following chart shows the 16 possible ACC/DEC DIP switch settings for G force ramp and the expected ramp time to reach full speed (when accelerating) or to stop (when decelerating) when the motor speed is set to maximum (Switch setting item 32 from the SPEED DIP Switch chart) regardless of ECO or BOOST modes.

Accel/Decel Times when SPEED setting is 100% maximum
SW 4
SW 3
SW 2
SW 1
Time (sec)
Time (sec)
OFF OFF OFF OFF 0.050 0.100
OFF OFF OFF ON 0.100 0.200
OFF OFF ON OFF 0.200 0.400
OFF OFF ON ON 0.300 0.600
OFF ON OFF OFF 0.400 0.800
OFF ON OFF ON 0.500 1.000
OFF ON ON OFF 0.600 1.200
OFF ON ON ON 0.700 1.400
ON OFF OFF OFF 0.800 1.600
ON OFF OFF ON 1.000 2.000
ON OFF ON OFF 1.200 2.400
ON OFF ON ON 1.400 2.800
ON ON OFF OFF 1.600 3.200
ON ON OFF ON 1.800 3.600
ON ON ON OFF 2.000 4.000
ON ON ON ON 2.500 5.000

Example with Graph

We have 2 motors, Motor #1 speed is set to 100% maximum RPM and Motor #2 speed is set to 50% speed. If we set the ACC/DEC DIP Switches 4 thru 1 to ON, ON ,ON, OFF we can see from the chart that we should have a 2.000 second acceleration time and a 4.00 deceleration time when our speed is set to 100% maximum. Because the Accel/Decel ramps are the same, if our speed is at 50% of maximum, then our acceleration and deceleration times would be 1/2 of maximum, thus 1.000 seconds for acceleration and 2.000 seconds for deceleration. In our example, we start both motors at the same time and let them run for 6 seconds and then stop both at the same time. This is shown in the following graph: