The SIPOC section enables users to analyze the process with a SIPOC table. The SIPOC table is a new addition to the EPC enabling users to better analyze processes and allowing continuous improvement.

The SIPOC table is used by companies when they are unsure what happens exactly throughout a process. For example, analysts of a company know the process and the outputs; however, they don’t know the inputs needed for the process. The SIPOC table will enable the users to figure out what are the inputs needed for a specific process.

The SIPOC table is also used by companies to analyze all the elements of a process improvement project. For example, using the SIPOC table, the analyst figures out that the inputs are equal to the outputs of a process. He can then go on with a process improvement project to bring value to the process.

Supplier Users can view the entity that provides input(s) to a process
Inputs Users can view all that is used to produce one or more outputs from a process
Processes Users can view the steps or activities carried out to convert inputs to one or more outputs
Outputs Users can view the outputs emerging from a process
Customers Users can view the entity that uses the outputs generated from the process


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