Users have the ability to move objects within modules, allowing for editing, updating of existing content.

Users can move:

  1. Processes – Processes can be moved
  2. Roles
  3. Resources
  4. Org Units
  5. Assets
  6. Documents
  7. Risks
  8. Controls
  9. Rules
  10. KPIs, KRIs, KCIs
  11. Entities, Attributes
  12. All Folder Types

*Note that objects can only be moved into a logical parent. *

  • Documents, Risks, Controls, Rules, Entities & Attributes can only be moved from Folder to Folder
  • Roles, Resource, Assets can only be moved from Org Unit to Org Unit
  • Org Units can be moved from Org Unit to Org Unit, from Org Unit to Org Set, or from Org Set to Org Set
  • KPIs, KRIs, KCIs can be moved from Indicator to Objective, Indicator to Indicator or from Objective to Objective
  • Processes can be moved from Sub-Process to Sub-Process, from Sub-Process to Process Set, or from Process Set to Process Set
  • Folders can be moved from Folder to Folder, Folder to Set or Set to Folder

To move an object:

Please make sure you are in “Edit” mode

1) Navigate to selected object’s Graph (for processes) or Details pages (for all other objects + processes)

2) In the Edit dropdown, select “Move”

3) Select the logical parent where you wish to move the object

4) Select “Move”


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