From the Maturity tab of Governance, you can edit and analyze all Process Maturity information.

What EPC objects have Maturity Levels?

All processes and sub processes

Who can edit Maturity information?

You must have EPC Modeler privilege, and have Write permissions on the Process.

What is Process Maturity?

Processes evolve through stages of maturity, where each level is attained by fulfilling a certain set of criteria with regards to its quality of documentation, its ubiquity within the organization, its measures of performance, its level of automation, and its rate of continuous improvement, among other factors specific to industries and organizations.

What Maturity levels are available?

Maturity Levels range from 0 to 5, 0 representing the lowest level of maturity, and 5 representing the highest level of maturity.

What are Maturity Target Dates?

To help track and plan process maturity initiatives you can input a target date where each level of maturity is expected to be achieved for a given process. As the *Current Maturity Level” level increases, the *Next Maturity Target Date” will represent the date where the next Maturity Level is expected to be achieved.

When the Current Maturity level reaches 5, the “Next Maturity Target Date” will be blank since there are no more levels to achieve.

Edit Process Maturity

  1. Access the Governance Maturity Tab
  2. Find the Process for which you wish to edit Maturity information
    1. You can use Sorting and Filtering to help you isolate the object
  3. You can edit the following column cells by hovering your cursor in the desired cell and clicking within
    1. Maturity Current Level
    2. Level 1 Target Date
    3. Level 2 Target Date
    4. Level 3 Target Date
    5. Level 4 Target Date
    6. Level 5 Target Date


The Accounting process has just been created in EPC and therefore has a Maturity Level of 0. The user therefore inputs a Level 1 Target Date. Notice that since Current Maturity = 0, the Next Maturity Target Date is immediately populated with the same date since Level 1 is the next target. The user will then add Level 2,3,4, and 5 Target Dates, and then incrementally increase the Current Maturity Level. Note how the Next Maturity Target Date” changes as *Current Maturity Level increases.


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