The “My Objects” Widget allows users to feature any object within the EPC on the widget. These items can be processes, process components and/or associated items. Users can easily keep track and access objects associated to their job requirements within their Home Page.

Users can also use this widget as a management tool to keep track of objects assigned to other roles, resources, org units and/or assets within the organization.

Users can filter the Widget by the following types:
1. Asset
2. Attribute
3. Control
4. Control Set
5. Document
7. Document Set
8. End
9. Entity
10. Gateway
11. Intermediate
12. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
13. Key Control Indicators (KCIs)
14. Key Risk Indicators (KRIs)
15. Master Data Set
16. Objective
17. Org Unit
18. Org Unit Set
19. Performance Set
20. Process
21. Process Set
22. Report
23. Resource
24. Risk
25. Risk Set
26. Role
27. Rule
28. Rule Set
29. Start
30. Task

My Object Widget Components

Component Description
Quick Graph View Icon : Icon allowing user to immediately view the object in a graph mode
Name Name of the Object
Type Type of the Object
Last Modified The last date that the object in question was modified

My Objects Widget Navigation

1. Navigate to the Home Page and add a “My Objects” Widget using the Dashboard Manager

2. Click on the icon to immediately view the object in a graph mode

3. Click on the name of the Document to navigate to the item’s Details page

To customize the My Objects Widget, click here


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