Web Modelers can directly map processes on the Web App. The Shape Menu is available in the Full Screen Edit Mode, these shapes are used to map the organization’s processes. The EPC supports the BPMN 2.0 as its standardized modelling notation to graphically represent specific processes on a map.

Please see the table below for a full list and description for each shape:

Shape Icon Description
Sub Process
A Sub Process is collection of activities that represent a business process
A Shortcut is used to refer to a sub-process that is repeated in another process
Task A Task is a single action that occurs in a business process
Gateway A Gateway is used to control the divergence and convergence of multiple sequence flows
Start Event A Start Event is the event that starts a business process
End Event An End Event is the event that ends a business process
Artifact Artifacts are data objects that represent data placed into the process, data resulting from the process, data that needs to be collected, or data that must be stored
Data Store A data store is a place where the process can read or write data

The “Process Map Shapes” section will cover the following:

  1. Add Shapes
  2. Edit Shapes Name
  3. Connect Shapes
  4. Resize Shapes
  5. Multi-Select Shapes
  6. Move Shapes
  7. Move a Process Map
  8. Reroute a Flow
  9. Delete Shapes and Flows
  10. Associate Objects to Shapes


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