The Web App allows users to view Master Data Sets, Master Data Folders, Entities and Attributes that are associated to business processes and activities. Master data standardizes information, it enables the integration of data throughout an organization’s business processes.

Master data consists of Entities and Attributes; Entities and Attributes represent how data is broken down. Entities are artifacts that contain pieces of data, and attributes are the individual pieces of data; entities are made up of attributes.

Linking Master Data (Entities and Attributes) to Process and Activities enables users to see what business processes and tasks impact and how as well as to be more productive and efficient using accurate data.

EPC unites processes and data in a single managed repository by using CRUD. Users can use the permission setting CRUD for Entities and Attributeson Process and Activities preventing duplicate data creations and allowing to better manage data modifications and security.

Create Create or add new Entities and Attributes
Read Read, retrieve, search, or view existing Entities and Attributes
Update Update or edit existing Entities and Attributes
Delete Delete/deactivate/remove existing Entities and Attributes

The EPC provides 2 types of graphs for users to view Master Data:

1. Impact Graphs
2. Hierarchy Graphs

These views have various view-specific options that the user can define to display the Master Data items in a way that best suits them best.


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