The Training Center helps you learn more about the metrics, watch videos, and gain actionable training insights on improving your swing. Training Drills, Pro Tips, and Metrics are the main components of the Training Center for putting.

Training Drills

The Training Drills are guided training tools to improve the overall swing. The drills are broken up into three different categories: TIMING, SPEED, and ANGLES. The default page of the training drills is selected to TIMING, but the user may switch to SPEED or ANGLES. Once this is done, select the video drill you want to complete.

Standard Drills

How to do a Standard Drill

  1. From the Progress screen, tap on Training Center
  2. Tap on training Drills.
  3. Select on a drill that has a standard drill icon.
  4. The video will play and a quick summary of the drill will be displayed below the video.

Interactive Drills

  1. There are two Interactive Drills available in the TIMING section.
  2. One is for Backstroke Timing the other is for Forward-Stroke Timing.
  3. Backstroke Timing will prompt you to hit putts at various distances (3ft, 6ft, 9ft, 12ft). The goal is to have 10 putts match your Backstroke goal set by your Hdcp (handicap).
  4. Forward Stroke Timing is similar to the Backstroke Timing Interactive drill, but the focus will be on 10 putts matching your Forward-Stroke goal set by your Hdcp (handicap).

Pro Tips

The Pro Tips is utilized for improving overall performance. Here you can select the video drill you want to complete. If a standard drill is selected, the video will play and a quick summary of the drill will be displayed below the video.


The Metrics provide the metric definitions and explanations. Select on definitions to see video options. The metrics for Putt:

  • Backstroke Length
  • Impact Stroke Speed
  • Backstroke Rotation
  • Backstroke Time
  • Forward Stroke Rotation
  • Forward Stroke Time
  • Lie
  • Loft
  • Rotation Change
  • Tempo
  • Total Stroke Time

Each metric is broken down into four videos. The videos are what the metric is, why the metric is important, what your metric should be, and how to improve your metric. To view the video on your device you must have a data connection.


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