Manual Work tasks can now be added and tracked in the Dynamic Work Center to provide managers with a complete day in the life of an agent report.
Any work that is not a BPEM case can be added as a manual work task.

These tasks can then be assigned to a group of users enabling the user to add track their times and the timings will be picked up automatically by the productivity report.

Launching Manual Work

The Manual Work Tracker is a new button that has been added to the Dynamic Work Center menu.

Once click on Manual Work Tracker button a new screen is presented

The key is automatically populated, the start date and time is added and the actual time will accumulate whenever an action is taken.

Adding a Task

Tasks can be assigned to a user to ensure only the tasks that are appropriate are selected.
Once a task is selected this is then fixed and cannot be changed.

You can add a task by clicking on the + button and this will add the task to your item list.

If you want to add more than one item the counter can be updated.

Deleting Tasks

Only 1 task can be removed at a time if a mistake is made – so only add what is needed.

If a mistake is made you can select the item and hit the Delete Item to remove that row.

Cancelling out of Manual Work Tracker

Cancel is only available before a task has been selected. Once a task has been input you must complete and start the manual task again.

Using Pause in the Manual Work Tracker

Once a task has been submitted you can now Pause the session if you want to add pause time to the manual work task.

The Pause reason can be selected here and notes can be added to the pause if desired

When in pause the screen will lock until the user ends the pause time to prevent the time duplicating.

Launching BDEx from Manual Work Tracker

If the user needs to launch the Customer Centric Hub they can use the “Call BDEx” button to do this. However, time spent in the CCH will not duplicate the time entries. You cannot access the DWC whilst you are using the Manual Work Tracker. If you try to launch another DWC session you will see this pop up.

Displaying Completed Manual Work in the Team/User Log

Once completed the items will be added to the activity log to record the time for the user. The time is split equally between all of the tasks added. The tasks can be displayed in the users My Log or the manager can see this in the Team Log for that user. The tasks will accumulate with BPEM cases and the details can be displayed if you click on the number in the Completed/Incomplete values.


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