Get Work Options are displayed for the User.
These options are determined by the option priority which is either user, profile or system setting.

More options are applicable however this is only displaying options relating to “Get Work” functionality.

Related to Get Work are:

Option Description
Active Profile This displays the users default profile
Get Work Size How many primary cases the user will receive when they hit get work
Get Primary Work by Skill Matrix When this option is active the user gets skill matrix work first and if this work runs out then work is assigned from the work queue
If user has work already prevent Get Work The user must complete all work in their inbox before new work will be assigned. The only except is deferred cases (are still deferred)
Get Related Cases for the priority work Once the primary work is identified get work will check if there are related cases to this. A related case is a case that belongs to the same customer (this is determined based upon the settings defined for this option) that is assigned to the work queues for the user and has the same case type as any of the primary cases. Skill matrix cases maybe outside of the users assignments and therefore if using this there maybe cases assigned the user cannot work and will need to put back into the queue
Allow user to get work if they have training work Cases can be assigned as training by a Manager, if this option is activated the user can still “Get Work” when they have training cases in their queue
Lock related cases on Get Work If this option is activated Get related work must also be activated. This feature will look for related cases to the primary work (that is being assigned) that are not assigned to the users work queue and share the same case type. If cases are identified these cases will be locked from Get Work (means they are temporarily removed from get work queues) until the primary case is completed, cancelled or the processor ID is changed

Active Profile – this will display the users
The options cannot be changed here.


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