As of Transport Expresso 6.20, it is now possible to automatically populate the Transport Description based on a pre-configured naming convention at the point the Developer is saving a Transport Form in the SAP GUI of the ABAP Development system.

Configuration of Transport Description naming automation

To setup this functionality, you need to configure the required Transport Description naming convention in /BTI/TE_TR_DESC table*

Within TE, each element of the required naming convention must be configured.

Each element can be one of the following:

2.1 Standard/Custom fields from a Task (or a specified substring from that value)
2.2 Standard/Custom fields from a Transport Form (or a specified substring from that value)
2.3 Configured Text strings
2.4 The Transport Description that the Developer writes prior to saving the TE Transport Form.

Instructions for configuring the Transport Description naming automation configuration table

The following details the fields in the configuration table, and what they are used for.

PATH: the path that this description configuration is valid for

SEQUENCE: sequential number to put the records in the correct order

TYPE: This is the type of the record. T = Task Field, F = Form field, X = constant/delimiter, D = current description of transport

CUSTOM_FIELDNUM: If you want to use the contents of a custom field, this is the number of it

TE_FIELD: this is the fieldname of the Task or TF. Note, for Group and Type fields, the field names are actually GROUP_NAME and TYPE_NAME. If you use GROUPID, it will actually use
the internal ID of the group. Task Reference = REFERENCE, not TASK_REFERENCE Task Subject = CAPTION, not SUBJECT Project = PROJECT_NAME, not PROJECT

JUSTIFICATION: Use this if you only want a sub-set of what is in the field. L = left x characters, R = right x characters, M = Middle of value, D = characters after a delimiter

LENGTH: the number of characters from the field you want to use (notes this is used in conjunction with the JUSTIFICATION above). If you leave this blank, the whole value is used

MID_START: If you select M for the JUSTIFICATION, this is the starting point in the value

TEXT: If this is a constant/delimiter, then the text value should be entered here. Also, if you use the JUSTIFICATION = D, this is the delimiter in the text that the api looks for

i) you should enter the & character before a ““ or “!” if you want to use either of those two characters in your text element. ie & or &!
ii) you should enter & & if you want to have a leading or trailing space in your text element


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