There are a number of utility programs available in the Transport Expresso domain controller backend that enables you to administer the TE system.

Each of these are described below.

Report Name Description
This utility program enables you to export all TE data to the file system. These files can then be imported into another TE domain controller system (via program /BTI/TE_RBACKUP_DATA_IMP).
This utility allows you to move your TE domain controller to another system. It can also be used to backup the TE data if desired or simply rebuild a TE playpen system.
BTI/TE_RBACKUP_DATA_IMP_NEW / /BTI/TE_UIMPORT_DATA This utility program allows you to take the data exported from program /BTI/TE_RBACKUP_DATA_EXP and load these files into a new TE domain controller. This can be used for moving the TE domain controller to a new system or for restoring the TE domain controller from a backup copy.
/BTI/TE_RDATA_SYNCHRONISE This program should only be used when two TE domain controllers are running in parallel and need to be synchronised. Please consult Basis Technologies support for further information on the use of this program.
/BTI/TE_RNOTIFICATION_ENGINE / /BTI/TE_UEMAIL_NOTIF The notification engine program sends email notifications for Approvals, Imported transports, etc. Further details about running this report can be found in earlier sections of the Administration Guide.
/BTI/TE_RSYSTEM_REBUILD / /BTI/TE_USYS_REBUILD If you ever rebuild a system (e.g. rebuild your test system from your production system), then this report will ensure that TE is brought back into synch. For example, if transport X was applied to the Test system but not Production and then the Test system was rebuilt from production, TE needs to be put back in synch so that transport X is added back to the import queue of the Test system).
Important Note: Whenever a system is rebuilt, this utility program should always be run to get TE back in synch.
/BTI/TE_RTASK_UPLOAD / /BTI/TE_UTASK_UPLOAD This utility program can be run to upload one or more Tasks into the TE domain controller. The format is relatively straight forward and is described in the selection screen of the program. Data is uploaded from the front-end PC from a flat character-separated file (the character is a parameter).
The program should be used during implementations of TE (during migration) or to take a feed of Task data from an external fault management software.
/BTI/TE_RTRANSPORT_FORM_ENTER This utility program can be run to enter third-party (external) transport requests into TE. The most common use of this program is for AOP or advance corrections that you would like to have approved via TE (rather than just having the Basis team apply them to the various systems in the landscape ad-hoc).
It can also be used when a third-party product (e.g. Transport Expresso) is to be moved through the landscape via the TE approval process.
The program expects the transport request number (which must exist in the TMS cofile/data file directory prior) and the target system to import the transport into. This should be the root development system. Once this program has been run, a Transport Form can then be created to push the third-party transport request through the pre-defined TE change process.
/BTI/TE_RTRANSPORT_FORM_EXP Export Transport Form data to XML format to the file system (this program is superseded by /BTI/TE_RBACKUP_DATA_EXP).
/BTI/TE_RTRANSPORT_FORM_IMP Imports Transport Form data from XML data into the TE domain controller (this program is superseded by /BTI/TE_RBACKUP_DATA_IMP).
/BTI/TE_RTRANSPORT_FORM_UPLOAD /BTI/TE_UTF_UPLOAD This program is used during the migration phase of TE implementation. It allows “in-flight” transport requests (prior to TE implementation) to be added to the correct control point (i.e. normally an import queue) in the correct transport path.
Once migrated to the correct control point, the TE change process can then proceed. Please refer to the program selection-screen for further details of the operation of this report.
/BTI/TE_RERUN_BW_MERGE_NAMEFIX /BTI/TE_UBW_MERGE_PP During BW/BI merges some objects are renamed based on the system they are being imported into. This means that the objects added to merge transport of copies also need to be renamed. If there are issues with the merge process this renaming can fail.
Use this program to re-run the renaming process for the relevant merge transports
/BTI/TE_REVENTS_COFILE_RECON / /BTI/TE_UEVENT_RECON If transports are manually “Marked as imported” in TE the import date and time of the transport may not be based on the actual time and date in the transport logs. This can cause sequencing issues as TE uses this information when calculating the import sequence.
This report can be used to update the import date and time to the actual values based on the SAP transport logs.
/BTI/TE_RU002 / /BTI/TE_UASSIGN_ATTR This report is used to update the transport attributes for the selected transports. This needs to be run in the relevant development system where the transports reside.
This can be used after system refreshes / copies and when new projects are started to mark older transports as not relevant for the TE conflict analysis (see TE Housekeeping section of Admin Guide)
/BTI/TE_RU403 / /BTI/TE_UUP_ORIG_SYS This program is used to update the original system TADIR entries for all objects in a system to the current system. It can be used after project go-lives when objects may be still marked as owned by a different system. Only DDIC users are permitted to run this report
/BTI/TE_RU404 This program is used for caching of open transport requests for performance reasons. Please contact Basis Technologies support for further information on this program.
/BTI/TE_RUTASK_STATUS_UPDATE This program can be used to update the Planning and Deployment statuses of Tasks currently in TE. This should be run when configuration changes to the statuses have been made to set the statuses correctly for all existing Tasks
/BTI/TE_RUTASK_STATUS_SET This program can be used to do a mass update of existing TE Business Tasks to specific Deployment and/or Planning statuses
/BTI/TE_RUADD_APPROVERS_TO_CP This program can be used to perform en-masse updates to a custom field at Business Task or Transport Form level


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