Term Definition
Brushless DC Motor A D.C. motor with a permanent magnet rotor and coils in the stator. The stator coil currents are sequenced by an external brushless D.C. motor controller. In such motors, current and torque, voltage and rpm are linearly related. The main advantage to this type of motor is the elimination of EMI caused by the arcing brushes and improved motor life
Hall Effect Sensor Special sensor embedded within the brushless DC motor of an MDR used to provide motor rotor position feedback to the motor controller
JST This is the name of a particular connector manufacturer that produces a specific plug/socket arrangement for MDR connection to control cards. This name is accepted within the conveyor and MDR industry as a simple description of the particular socket style used on EQUBE Module hardware.
LED Light Emitting Diode – In the context of this document, LED’s are used on the EQUBE Module to provide visual indication of module status
MDR Motorized Drive Roller or Motor Driven Roller – Brushless DC motor and gearbox assembly integrated into a single conveyor roller
M8 This is an industry standard 4 pin threaded connector used to connect a Senergy-Ai motor to the EQUBE Module module
NPN / PNP Electronics term that indicates the type of transistor circuit used for a logical input or output for controllers. NPN devices will provide a common or ground connection when activated and a PNP device will provide a logic voltage connection when activated
PLC Programmable Logic Controller – A wide variety of industrial computing devices that control automatic equipment
PWM Pulse Width Modulation – a control scheme that utilizes high speed switching transistors to efficiently deliver power in a controlled fashion from the EQUBE Module controller to MDR
Senergy-Ai PulseRoller brand proprietary motor control platform that provides electronic intelligence inside the motor that can be read by the EQUBE Module control module. The connection from the motor to the controller is via 4-Pin M8 style connector
Senergy ECO Mode of performance that provides the highest speed for the selected gear reduction option of the PulseRoller Senergy brand motor roller and gear drive units
Senergy BOOST Mode of performance that provides the highest torque for the selected gear reduction option of the Pulseroller Senergy brand motor roller and gear drive units