LED Status Indicators

Item LED LED State Description
5 Power ON at normal brightness Input power is between 18V and 31V
FLASH at 0.1s interval Input power is below 18V
ON at high brightness Input voltage is greater than 31V
3 Go Flashing RUN signal(s) are on and flash rate is proportional to motor speed
2 Hold ON Current is being limited to motor
Flash & Blink See Timing Diagrams in the following sections
4 Over-Temp ON Calculated motor temperature is above 105˚C
1 Stop 0.2s Flash at 0.4 sec interval Motor roller is disconnected
Flash at 1.0 s interval Controller has stopped the motor due to error condition
Other flash rates See Timing Diagrams in the following sections

LED Status Timing Diagrams for Various Conditions

Power Supply ON with Motor Connected
Motor Not Connected
Power Supply Voltage >32V
Voltage Drop Below 18V and 13V
Voltage Over 32V Due to Motor Overspeed
Normal Operation with Motor Running and then Reverse Signal
Motor Current Exceeding Peak Limit
Over Current with PWM Limiting
Motor Stalled with Self Stop
Motor Overload with Self Stop
Module Over Heat with Self Stop
Motor Not Running when RUN is ON
Motor Phases Error Detected