Working with schools for a safe academic year

Bright World Guardianships is working with our partner schools to ensure that students are safe and well-cared for during this difficult time. We are committed to working hard to ensure the safe return to school of our students in September 2020 and throughout the academic year.

We continue to monitor the situation regularly and to follow the advice of Public Health England (PHE): Public Health England Guidance

We also follow advice and are part of Safe Schools UK who, in turn, refer to the the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) and follow their Covid-Safe Charter.

Pre-arrival assistance

It is likely that some travel will need to be planned at the last minute as flights become available. Bright World pledges to be working with emergency assistance available 24/7 throughout the summer break to facilitate the immediate assistance required for parents arranging flights for arriving students.

Safe Travel arrangements

We recommend that parents chooses Bright World to organise airport transfers. Our drivers are experienced with picking up overseas students and are committed to abiding by strict social distancing and hygiene standards. They have all signed up to the Bright World Driver and Passenger Safety Policy


We understand that in order to protect the school communities, the UK government, and therefore schools, are planning that people arriving in the UK may need to undertake a period of quarantine at a named address for 14 days. Bright World has arranged a suitable and pleasant quarantine facility for their students in those cases where quarantining is needed and the school is unable to offer this service and facility.

Accommodation during holiday times and should schools close

We understand and support the decision of schools to advise students possibly not to travel home during the holidays because of the need to quarantine on their return. In response to this, Bright World is supporting schools by providing host family and residential accommodation for students during the school year, including Half Term, exeats and Christmas.

If a Bright World student presents with Covid-19 symptoms

Whilst at school

As per PHE Guidance, international students should be isolated in school should they present with symptoms while they are there. We are liaising with schools to ensure that they will be isolating children who present with symptoms whilst in the boarding house. This complies with UK Government advice. It is not possible or permitted to place a symptomatic student into a host family. We refer to UK Government Guidance which we expect boardings schools to follow which states:

__Most children or young persons, pupils and students in children’s social care, residential special schools and colleges and boarding schools will benefit more from self-isolating at their setting so that their usual support can continue. This could include when:

there is no suitable family home to return to
international students with no family resident in the UK
the health services they need cannot be supplied at home
the pupil or student would otherwise be significantly disadvantaged by the change_

We also refer to and expect schools to follow Boarding Schools Association guidance:

_We would like to remind our UK member schools that Government guidelines state that any child showing symptoms of COVID-19 should remain in their residential setting. In the case of a boarder, this means staying in the boarding school and being cared for in suitable accommodation there, or returning safely to their family home in the UK, rather than transferring elsewhere e.g. to a guardian, unless agreed with the relevant health authority. This is in order to avoid spreading the infection more widely than necessary.

Our decision not to even ask host families to take in symptomatic student or to ask a taxi driver to take a symptomatic student in their car with them is final. We are not prepared to go against Government Guidance or cause the spread of Covid-19 into the community, nor are we willing to put our staff, host families or taxi drivers at risk in this way.

Whilst on a Bright World residential programme

Our residential quarantine and Relax & Revise holiday programmes have their own Coronavirus Contingency Policy and plan which includes the provision of isolation facilities. They will also offer medical assistance, should students present with symptoms during their stay.

Whilst in a Bright World host family

If a child presents with symptoms while in a host family then the host family will take full care of the student and will arrange for appropriate medical assistance. they will follow the Bright World Coronavirus Contingency Plan for Host Families”“:

In summary, if a Bright World student develops symptoms after being placed in a host family or on a residential course and the school is closed, Bright World will instigate the proper testing and isolation procedures and will continue to take care of and accommodate the student until they are given the all-clear, or admitted to a medical facility.

-Students who are feeling worried or need extra support can contact their Bright World Buddy. Any student who does not know how to contact their Buddy can call the Bright World Office (01273 835745) or Out of Hours Line (01273 836060).

In the event of a school closure:

Bright World’s policy is that, in the event of a prolonged school closure, healthy students must ultimately aim to either:
a) return home
b) be looked after by their parents
c) be looked after by another responsible adult (family friend/relative 25 years+)

Bright World will facilitate the school closure and the student’s forward planning by providing host family accommodation for healthy students, while they make their alternative arrangements. Should alternative arrangements not be possible then Bright World will continue to care for the student provided sufficient funds are provided to pay for host family or residential accommodation.

If there is a school closure and Bright World students at the affected school are displaying symptoms and/or awaiting test results for Covid-19, we are unable to accommodate these students in host families, due to the risk to the host family and wider communities. Any such student will need to remain in isolation within the school’s isolation provision, until they receive the all-clear, or are admitted to a medical facility. If a student receives a negative test result, we will then accommodate them as per above, pending their return home or being cared for by family or friends.

If all or part of a school is closing and any of our students who are healthy and non-symptomatic are required to leave and self-isolate due to contact with a possible/positive case of Covid-19, we will be able to accommodate these students in our residential quarantine facility, or within carefully risk-assessed host families, where students can isolate away from other family members.

We refer also to the guidance issued to us by our Accrediting Body, AEGIS and their Covid-19 Safe Charter.


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